Crypto Privacy Coins and Betting on Football: The Perfect Match

privacy coins and football betting

Now and in the future crypto privacy coins will become the number one alternative way to bet on football matches including the FA and other sports. If you consider people are already using Bitcoin to place bets and Bitcoin offers virtually no privacy to users, think what will happen once more people learn about the faster and more abundant privacy coins such as Monero, Daps, Verge and Z-Cash.

These coins offer far superior levels of anonymity and privacy where no one can view who the user is and how much crypto currency was placed on a particular match. Also with way faster transaction speeds and way lower sending fees compared to Bitcoin, you have the ideal crypto method for sports betting on a mass scale.

Where Can I Bet Privately with Crypto Currency?

1xBit are currently the only crypto sports betting website to accept privacy coins to bet with. Luckily enough they are also one of the biggest and most reliable to use with a wide variety of global and american sports to bet on.

They currently accept Monero and Verge privacy coins to bet with on many sports so if you wish to bet on football, the FA Cup or any other sport we recommend to use 1xBit and one of these coins to maintain your privacy. If you own Bitcoin, simply trade this coin on a big exchange like Binance for Monero or Verge and then send the coins over to your 1xBit privacy coin wallet of choice.

Privacy is very important, especially when considering your betting history will be made public if you bet with Bitcoin, Ethereum or even a coin like Tron.

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