FA Cup Final 2024: What Date and Time

The FA Cup Final 2024 is on Saturday the 25th of May.

The time of the final has yet to be confirmed. Last years time of kick off was 4:30pm GMT so this years is likely to be the same or similar.

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What is the FA Cup?

The FA Cup, officially known as The Football Association Challenge Cup, is an annual knockout football competition in men's domestic English football. First played during the 1871-72 season, it is the oldest national football competition in the world.

Where is the FA Cup 2024 Held?

The FA Cup 2024 final is traditionally held at Wembley Stadium in London.

Where can I watch the FA Cup matches and the final?

United Kingdom

United States

India and the Indian Subcontinent

Southeast Asia


Latin America

Sub-Saharan Africa

Which teams are participating in the FA Cup 2024?

Teams from various levels of the English football league system participate in the FA Cup. This includes teams from the Premier League, the Championship, and lower divisions of the English football league system.

How are teams selected for the FA Cup?

Teams are not selected but qualify to enter the competition based on their performance in the previous season. The competition is open to any eligible club down to Level 10 of the English football league system - all 92 professional clubs in the Premier League and the English Football League, and several hundred "non-league" teams in steps 1 to 6 of the National League System.

How can I watch the FA Cup matches?

FA Cup matches are broadcast on various television networks and streaming services. In the UK, they are traditionally broadcast by major sports networks. Check local listings for specific match broadcasts.

What is unique about the FA Cup?

The FA Cup is known for its giant-killing acts, where lower-ranked teams beat top-flight teams, making it one of the most unpredictable and exciting football competitions.

Has the format of the FA Cup changed for 2024?

As of now, there are no major changes announced for the FA Cup 2024 format. It continues to be a knockout tournament with replays in certain rounds, although this can vary year by year.

Who has won the most FA Cups

Arsenal have won the most FA Cup trophies with 14 wins followed closely by Manchester United with 12. You can view a full list of winners ranked here.