Monero: The True Anonymous Betting Coin for Football & Crypto

FA Cup Anonymous betting on the fa cup

Bitcoin will not give you a true anonymous sports betting experience for the FA Cup and Football, only privacy coins like Monero will. The description of "anonymous betting" many sites and apps use is misleading. The simple reason being if the blockchain these bookies accept coin deposits from or indeed even operate on themselves as a betting exchange is publicly viewable, people can trace your transactions and see how much you bet, won and lost.

Privacy Coins are the True Anonymous Way to Bet

Privacy Coins such as Monero, Daps, Verge and Z-Cash are the only way to gain true anonymity for betting on the FA Cup. Fortunately enough three of those four coins we just mentioned are supported by the below sportsbook. We would recommend betting with Monero, in our opinion it's the most anonymous out of all three coins currently supported.

1xBit offer a large match deposit bonus of up to 8 BTC and accept some privacy coins including our recommended coin - Monero. Sending Monero to your wallet will ensure your deposit and indeed your bets are kept private on their blockchain.

If you don't currently have any Monero, it's easy to obtain some at a big exchange like Binance.

Sign Up Procedure: Simply provide an email address and begin betting. No identity verification required.

1xBit provide betting on a wide range of sports not just the FA Cup or football. For example you can place wagers on American football, Baseball, Basketball, MMA and many others with indepth wagering options for all matches, leagues and tournaments for each sport.