FA Cup Final: 1879 - Old Etonians 1 Clapham Rovers 0

Kennington Oval - Saturday 29th March 1879

Old Etonians

(Clerke) J. P. Hawtrey; E. Christian, L. Bury; Hon A. F. Kinnaird. E. Lubbock, C. J. Clerke; N. Pares, H. C. Goodhart, H. Whitfield. J. B. T. Chevallier, H. Beaufoy

Clapham Rovers

R. H. Birkett; R. A. Ogilvie, E. Field; N. C. Bailey, J. F. M. Prinsep. F. L. Rawson; A. J. Stanley, S. W. Scott, H. S. Bevington, E. F. Growse. C. Keith-Falconer

Referee: C. W. Alcock

Attendance : 5000


Nottingham Forest's appearance in the semi-final had brought warning of the rise of the provincial clubs. On this occasion, however, Old Etonians reached the Final at their expense and went on to win the Cup for the first time.

Against Clapham in the Final at the Oval. the Etonians had rather a stiff breeze to contend with. yet still contrived to keep the ball principally in their opponents' half. Clapham held them in check with coolness and good judgement and often looked dangerous in attack themselves, with Growse and Bevington showing up well. There was no score at half-time, but after the break the Etonians proceeded to completely pen their op­ponents in their own part of the ground. Their goalkeeper, Hawtrey, had scarcely anything to do to keep himself even moderately warm.

In the fifty-ninth minute an enterprising run by Goodhart carried him down the right and into a position from which to centre. The energetic Clerke was on the end of the pass and he shot the ball under the bar.

Loud and prolonged cheering from all parts of the ground greeted the goal that later proved to be the winner. Clapham worked manfully to the end to try and at least equalize matters but were unable to do so.

darwen fa cup 1879

The Darwen team of 1879 was the first to challenge the supremacy of the Old Boys teams. In the front is Fergie Suter, probably the first of the 'professionals'.

report of the fa cup 1879


Round By Round

First Round

OLD ETONIANS v Wanderers 7-2; Reading v Hendon 1 -0; Minerva v 105th Regiment wo; Grey Friars v Gt Marlow 2—1; Darwen v Birch. Manchester wo; Eagley, Bolton bye; Remnants v Unity wo; Pilgrims v Brentwood 3-1; Nott'm Forest v Nottingham 3-1; Sheffield v Grantham3-1; Old Harrovians v Southill Pk 8-0; Panthers v Runnymede wo; Oxford Univ v Wednesbury Stlls7-0; Royal Engineers v Old Foresters 3-0; Barnes v Maidenhead 4-0; Upton Pk v Saffron Walden 5-0; CLAPHAM R v Finchley wo; Forest School v Rochester 4-2; Cambridge Univ v Herts R 2-0; South Norwood v Leyton wo; Swifts v Hawks 2-1; Romford v Ramblers 3-1

Second Round

OLD ETONIANS v Reading 1 -0; Minerva v Grey Friars 3-0; Darwen v Eagley 4-1; Remnants v Pilgrims 6-2; Nott'm Forest v Sheffield 2-0; Old Harrovians v Panthers 3-0; Oxford Univ v Royal Engineers 4-0; Barnes v Upton Pk 3-2; CLAPHAM R v Forest School 10-1; Cambridge Univ v South Norwood 3-0; Swifts v Romford 3-1

Third Round

OLD ETONIANS v Minerva 5-2; Darwen v Remnants 3-2; Nott'm Forest v Old Harrovians 2-0; Oxford Univ v Barnes 2-1; CLAPHAM R v Cambridge Univ 1 -0; Swifts bye

Fourth Round

OLD ETONIANS v Darwen 6-2; Nott'm Forest v Oxford Univ 2-1; CLAPHAM R v Swifts 8-1

Semi FInal

OLD ETONIANS v Nott'm Forest 2-1; CLAPHAM R bye

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