FA Cup Final: 1876: Wanderers 3 Old Etonians 0 (First leg: 1-1)

Kennington Oval - Saturday 18th March


(Wollaston, Hughes 2) : W. D. O. Greig; A. Stratford, W. Lindsay; F. B. C. Maddison, F. H. Birley. C. H. R. Wollaston; H. Heron. F. Heron. J. H. Edwards, J. Kenrick, T. Hughes

Old Etonians

Q. Hogg; E. Lubbock, Hon E. Lyttleton; M. G. Faner, Hon A. F. Kinnaird, J. H. Stronge; W. S. Kenyon-Slaney, Hon A. Lyttleton. J. R. Sturgis, A. G. Bonsor, H. P. Allene. (C. Meysey, A. C. Thompson and J. E. C. Welldon took part in the first match in place of J. H. Stronge, M. G. Faner and E. Lubbock)

Referee: W. S. Rawson

Attendance : 3500


The Oval crowd saw the Etonians on top for the first few minutes of a Final that kicked-off twenty-five minutes later than scheduled. Then Wanderers, with the wind at their backs, took the initiative.

There were frequent stoppages for handball in the first half, and Wanderers also forced several corner-kicks without being able to turn them to any account. On the half-hour Edwards, by a dexterous flick, hit a wind-assisted shot only just wide of the Etonians' goal.

Etonians were more prominent in the second half and, following a corner-kick, the ball appeared to be driven through for the first goal. The posts collapsed on impact and the referee (or 'umpire' as he was then called) could not award a goal.

In the replay a week later, again at the Oval, Wollaston scored Wanderers' first after a scramble in front of goal. Their next attack saw a fast run down the field by Heron, and Hughes slamming in the second.

Heron and Hughes made another good run early in the second half and. being well supported, the latter was able to notch another goal for the Wanderers. It was the first year of their 'hat-trick' of Final victories.

Round By Round

First Round

WANDERERS v 1st Surrey Rifles 5-0; Crystal Palace v 105th Regiment 3-0; Sheffield Club v Shropshire Wand wo; Upton Pk v Southall 1 -0; Swifts v Gt Marlow 2-0; South Norwood v Clydesdale wo; Royal Engineers v High Wycombe 15-0; Panthers v Woodford Wells 1-0; Reigate Priory v Barnes 1 -0; Cambridge Univ v Civil Service wo; Oxford Univ v Forest School 6-0; Herts Rangers v Rochester 4-0; OLD ETONIANS v Pilgrims 4-1; Maidenhead v Ramblers 2-0; Clapham R v Hitchin wo; Leyton v Harrow Chequers wo

Second Round

WANDERERS v Crystal Palace 3-0; Sheffield Club v Upton Pk wo; Swifts v South Norwood 5-0; Royal Engineers v Panthers wo; Reigate Priory v Cambridge Univ 0-8; Oxford Univv Herts Rangers 8-0; OLD ETONIANS v Maidenhead 8-0; Clapham R v Leyton 12-0

Third Round

WANDERERS v Sheffield Club 2-0; Swifts v Royal Engineers 3-1; Cambridge Univ v Oxford Univ 0-4; OLD ETONIANS v Clapham R 1 -0


WANDERERS v Swifts 2-1; Oxford Univ v OLD ETONIANS 0-1

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