1873 FA Cup Final: Wanderers vs Oxford University

Wanderers 2 - 0 Oxford University

  • Wanderers
    • Kinnaird 27'
    • Wollaston 80'
  • Oxford University
    • No Goals

Lillie Bridge, Saturday 29th March, 11:30 BST

Attendance: 3000

Match Referee: A. Stair (Upton Park)

Team Line-ups:


  • Reginald de Courtenay Welch
  • Howell
  • Edward Bowen
  • Charles Wollaston
  • Robert Kingsford
  • Alexander Bonsor
  • Capt. William Kenyon-Slaney
  • Charles Thompson
  • Julian Sturgis
  • Arthur Kinnaird
  • Rev. Henry Holmes Stewart

Oxford University

  • Andrew Leach
  • Charles Mackarness
  • Francis Birley
  • Charles Longman
  • Arnold Kirke-Smith
  • Robert Vidal
  • Frederick Maddison
  • Cuthbert Ottaway
  • Harold Dixon
  • Walter Paton
  • John Robert Sumner

Road to Wembley:

  • Wanderers Exempt - Go straight through to the Final.
  • 1st Round
  • 2nd Round
  • 3rd Round
  • Q/Finals
  • S/Finals
  • 3 - 2 vs Crystal Palace (A)
  • 3 - 0 vs Clapham Rovers (A)
  • 1 - 0 vs Royal Engineers (H)
  • 4 - 0 vs Maidenhead (H)
  • Walkover vs Queen's Park

Match Breakdown

Wanderers Team:

(Kinnaird, Wollaston) E. E. Bowen; C. M. Thompson, R. de C. Welch; Hon A. F. Kinnaird, L. S. Howell, C. H. R. Wollaston; J. R. Sturgiss, Rev H. H. Stewart, W. S. Kenyon-Slaney, R. K. Kingsford, A. G. Bonsor

Oxford University

A. Kirke-Smith; A. J. Leach, C. C. Mackarness; F. H. Birley, C. J. Longman, F. B. Chappell-Maddison; H. B. Dixon, W. B. Paton, R. W. S. Vidal, W. E. Sumner, C. J. Ottaway

Match Report

As Cup-holders, Wanderers were exempted until the Final in this following year. Their challengers, Oxford University, had received a strange kind of bye in the semi-final when their opponents. Queen's Park, were unable to travel to London to play the tie.

The 1873 Final was staged for the one and only time in the history of the competition at the Lillie Bridge ground, which used to exist close to where famous Stamford Bridge stands now. The match was timed to start at 11 a.m. in order to avoid a clash with the Boat Race being held later the same day.

Wanderers won the Cup again, this time by two goals scored by Kinnaird and Wollaston. Kinnaird. later President of the Football Association, was making the first of his nine appearances in Cup Finals and dribbled through the Oxford team to score a spectacular second goal.

fa cup 1873 scorer: Arthur Fitzgerald Kinnaird

Arthur Fitzgerald Kinnaird, scorer of the 2nd goal in the 1873 Final

Oxford were able to call upon a number of the best footballers from the public schools, and with players like Vidal, Birley and Ottaway, were bound to make an impact on the competition. They were not at full strength against the Wanderers and perhaps not fully fit either, and they even elected to play without a goalkeeper - Kirke-Smith moving upfield - after going a goal down in a desperate attempt to save the match.

Round By Round

First Round

Clapham R v Hitchin wo; OXFORD UNIV v Crystal Palace 3-2; Royal Engineers v Civil Service 3-0; 1st Surrey Rifles v Upton Pk 2-0; Maidenhead v Martow 1 -0; South Norwood v Barnes 1 -0; Windsor Home Pk v Reigate Priory 4-2; Queen's Pk, Glasgow bye; WANDERERS Cup-holders

Second Round

Clapham R v OXFORD UNIV 0-3; Royal Engineers bye; 1 st Surrey Rifles v Maidenhead 1 -3; South Norwood v Windsor Home Pk 0-3;WANDERERS Cup-holders

Third Round

OXFORD UNIV v Royal Engineers 1 -0; Maidenhead v Windsor Home Pk 1 -0;WANDERERS Cup-holders


OXFORD UNIV v Queen's Pk, Glasgow wo; WANDERERS Cup-holders

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