FA Cup 2021 5th Round Betting & Predictions

View our betting, prediction and analysis for the FA Cup 2021 for the 5th round, quarter, semi finals and final.

2021's Prediction

Having backed Manchester United from the begining of this FA Cup campaign we still maintain our pick as the best odds for a team to win the FA Cup. Man Utd were 9.0 to begin with before a draw with Liverpool saw their odds move to 14.0. We recommended taking these odds as if they were to overcome Liverpool (and they were at home) their odds would be dramatically slashed. After a 3-2 victory they have gone from 14.0 to 5.5. If you got in at either 9.0 or 14.0 congratulations! They have a great chance to go all the way where in the final anything can happen.

Man United
Man United vs West Ham (10/02/20): We will be sticking with Manchester United to progress in the competition. While West Ham have had a decent season in the Prem, Man U are on the ascendancy and their FA Cup record speaks for itself.
Leicester vs Brighton (11/02/20): Leicester are having too much of a good season with Jamie Vardy leading the way on top goal scoring form with 11 goals so far in the Prem. They have the added psychological advantage of having beaten Brighton 3-0 in the Prem in December and will be full of confidence.
Everton vs Tottenham (11/02/20): This will perhaps be the closest match of the 5th round with both teams neck and neck in the Premier League. Everton have had the better form of late and come off an incredible 3-3 draw against Man United at the weekend. They rallied back from 2-0 down. Spurs had the easier game against relegation doomed West Brom but still looked shaky at the back.