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Sports Heads Football

Sports Heads Football

The variety of different football games available on the flash game market is quite remarkable. Many flash games concentrate solely on the free kick aspect of the sport, whereas others like New Star Soccer of Mousebreakers Jumpers for Goalposts  tend to offer a mixture of management and match-play features in an RPG-style version of the popular sport. Sports Heads: Football takes a noticeable different approach, boiling the game of football down to its most essential elements: headers, kicking, and scoring goals, and like the many other games in the Sports Heads series, it is hugely entertaining.

The gameplay involves taking control of a single player that is made up of just a head and a foot and is set up in a tennis-like format whereby you and your opponent stand on opposite ends of a miniature football field in an attempt to direct the ball into the opposing player’s net. You use the directional arrows of left and right to control the player’s movement, the upwards arrow to make him jump, and the spacebar to make him kick the ball when it is within range. The game alternates between time-restricted matches and also score-based ones that end once a minimum number of goals have been scored.

Making the game more interesting to play is the inventive feature of power-ups that give you certain advantages over your opponent, but that can also give your opponent the edge over you as well. Helpful power-ups are mainly coloured in green, and ones that put you at a disadvantage are largely red in colour. Power-ups include freezing you opponent/you in place so that you/he can score a goal unobstructed, breaking of your/your opponent’s leg, shrinking of the ball, or even the occasional streaker that tends to get in the way. The power-ups are attained by kicking the ball at them, which can often lead to accidentally collecting the wrong power-up and putting you at a disadvantage. This is all part of the challenge of the game.

With 8 increasingly difficult players to beat, Sports Heads Football found at should keep you entertained for a good half and hour, and the amusing, caricature-like appearance of the their gigantic heads should have you amused for the entire time. Even the player names have names that are a play on actual names of footballers, such as ‘Wine Rooney’ and ‘Peely’. The amusing set of achievements also  adds a little bit more replay value to a game that is already hugely addictive and visually superior to any other game of its type out there.